Quarantine with me

With 2/3 of my modules being complete for this semester, I am left with not much to do apart from learn TikTok dances or watch Netflix and Disney + all day.

I have been trying to stay positive during this whole pandemic and use being home all day to my advantage. I find keeping in a routine the most beneficial, so if you are also stuck at home bored, I’m going to share some ideas to add to your quarantine routine.

The first thing I recommend is writing down in a diary or on your phone, everything that needs done. I do this every night for the next day; even if it’s something simple like shower or walk the dog, writing it down will motivate you. Some people like to plan their days by the hour from when they wake up till they go to sleep but whatever way you do it, by planning your day you will feel slight normality.

I think that the best thing to do during lockdown is to get up at a reasonable time, something similar to what you would of got up at before. I set my alarm for 7:30 every morning and now that I have got myself into a routine, I have lots of energy and, make the most out of my day.

The first thing I like to do in the morning is a workout. We now have no excuse to say, “I don’t have time for exercise.” Being on lock down is the perfect opportunity to get one step closer to your fitness goals. If you are not sure of what exercises to do, YouTube is full of free workouts, from beginner to athlete, with and without equipment. ‘The body coach’ is an amazing channel to follow on YouTube, his workouts are short, easy to do and he himself is very motivating.

It is so important, especially during times like this, that we look after our mental health. Exercise is a great way of doing this, especially going for a walk. By doing this, you can completely change your whole mindset and have a more positive outlook on the rest of your day.

After exercising, have a shower and change into something comfortable enough do some work; whether that be from your job, uni work, reading, writing or whatever it is you do. If you are looking to increase your skills, I recommend Google Digital Garage. These are free online courses that are designed to help grow your career or business.

A class I really enjoyed this semester was digital communication, however, Coronavirus meant that my time in this class was cut short. I am now using my time in lockdown by developing my skills in digital marketing.

Now is also a great time to start learning a new language or top up on the language that you took on in school. Duo-lingo is free app which offers bite-size lessons to make learning more fun. Currently on duo lingo, I am trying to top up on my Irish from GCSE and learn Spanish.

Once I finish whatever work needs done, I will look at my diary and see what I have planned for myself todo for that day. Usually I will have a load of chores wrote out for myself but, if nothing else needs done, I have been trying out baking. Since we were put on lockdown I have baked; Victoria sponge cake, shortbread, chocolate fudge brownies and rocky roads. If I’m not baking I try to help out with dinner and learning recipes from my mum.

In the evenings I like to relax and spend time with my family, either watching films or playing games. Before lockdown started, I bought a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and most evenings we will sit and work at it.

Whatever you are doing to keep yourself busy during lockdown, please leave a comment and let me know. Also if you have any other quarantine suggestions I can try, let me know as I love trying out knew things.

Please follow the lockdown guidelines and stay safe, stay in-doors.

Sincerely, Emily


Instagram: @emily_ward17

LinkedIn: Emily Ward

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